Ordering your SIM

Step 1

Choose which plan best suits your needs. You can top up today or order a free SIM card to top up later.

Step 2

Fill out your details using the order form. If you’ve chosen to top up today, you’ll be taken to a payment window.

Step 3

You’ll receive a confirmation email to let you know your SIM is on its way.

Pay as you go 1

Get more time to talk - if you choose, when you choose. Unlock unlimted minutes and texts for just £1 a day with Pay as you go 1.
Before spending £1 you’ll be charged the following: 20p per minute, 20p per text, 20p per 5MB of data.

Big Value Bundles

Stream, share and browse every day. Get more 4G data, minutes and texts for less with a Big Value Bundle.

Six Big Value Bundles for the price of three

Never mind the 12 days of Christmas. Give the gift of 180 days of browsing, streaming and sharing on Pay as you go with a Big Value Six Pack - or maybe just treat yourself.

How does it work?

With a Big Value Six Pack, you get six Big Value Bundles in a row for the price of three - saving you up to £60. Your Big Value Six Pack lasts 180 days, with your allowances renewing every 30 days.

There are two Big Value Six Packs to choose from